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Swears In All Languages

Posted: August 17th, 2008 Author: Gizmo

== Swears in all languages ==
== By Gizmo ==
== [email protected] ==
== ==
== IRC: Gizzy ==
== Shouts to Thinkpol and Cpio ==
== Shouts to Missa and khecka ==
== Shouts to Lucky225 and UPIN ==

July 22, 2001


Poes / Doos - Pussy
Fok jou - Fuck you
Jy pis my af - You're pissing me off
Hoer - Whore
Slet - Slut
Kak - Shit
Poephol - Asshole
Dom Doos - Dump Pussy
Gaan fok jouself - Go fuck yourself



Koos - cunt.
nikomak - fuck your mother
sharmuta - whore
zarba - shit
kis - vagina
zib - penis
Elif air ab tizak! - a thousand "dicks" in your ass!
kisich - pussy
Elif air ab dinich - A thousand dicks in your religion
Mos zibby! - Suck my dick!
Waj ab zibik! - An infection to your dick!
kelbeh - bitch (lit a female dog)
Muti - jackass
Kanith - Fucker
Kwanii - Faggot
Bouse Tizi - Kiss my ass



Aboosh - Stupid
Dmbo, Khmbo - Idiot
Myruht kooneh - Fuck your mother
Peranuht shoonuh kukneh - The dog should shit in your mouth
Esh - Donkey
Buhlo (BUL-lo) - Dick
Kuk oudelic shoon - Shit eating dog
Juge / jugik - penis
Vorig / vor - ass
Eem juges bacheek doer - Kiss my penis
Eem voriga bacheek doer - Kiss my ass
Toon vor es - You are an ass
Toon esh es - You are a jackass
Metz Dzi-zik - Big Breasts
Metz Jugik - Big penis



baing chood - sister fucker
chood - fuck/fucker
choodmarani - mother fucker
haramjada - bastard
dhon - dick
gud - pussy
khanki/maggi - whore
laewra aga - dickhead
tor bapre choodi - fuck your dad



Gus - Ass
Coochka - Bitch
Pederas - Gay / Fag
Luyno - Shit
Luyno Guava - Shit Head
Peeshka Guava - Penis Head



Do prdele - (literally, "In the ass"), "Up yours"
Mrdat, prcat - very dirty words for "fuck,"
used only by the lowest of the low(whores, thugs, etc.)
Chces mrdat?
(ksesh mrrdat?) - "Do you want to fuck?"
Hovno - "shit"
Prsa - Tits
Pinjor - Cock
Hovno Hlava - Shit Head
Peecha - Pussy/Cunt


Chinese (multiple Dialects)
Cantonese (phonetic, more or less)

Poq Gai - "Go Die in the street", general purpose swearword
(ie can fit in any context, like "shit!" or "fuck you"
or "you bastard" etc etc etc. add words before and
after for effect
D'iu ne lo mo - Fuck your mom
sAY Baht Poh - bitch
tiu nia ma chow hai - fuck your mom's smelly cunt
sek si - eat shit
hum kah chan - death to your family!
lok chat - dick
hamsap - horny person (not a swear word actually,
just an insult)
chow fah hai - smelly cheap cunt
gai - whore

Mandarin (phonetic, more or less)

gun ni ma /
chao ni niang - fuck your mom
chao ni niang de zhu
zong shi ba dai - fuck your mom's ancestors
grandmas great grandmas
daH bien - shit
Liu mang - standard swear for bastard/assmunch/etc
Ni ma la bi - Your mother contracts turtles.

Hokkien (Phonectic, more or less)

Cheeby - Pussy
Lan Jiao - Dick
Kiu Mo - Pubic Hair
Ni Na Bu - Your Fucking Mother
Chao - Cheeby Smelly Pussy
Lan Hoot - Balls
Neh - Breast
Ka Ni Na Beh Chao Cheeby- Fuck Your Bloody Mother's smelly pussy
Ka Ni Na - Fuck Your mother
Ka Ni Lao Beh - Fuck Your Father
peh bu ki ho lang kan - parents go fuck by someone
peh bu ki ho gao kan - parents go fuck by dogs
and the chao cheebye - smelly cunt
keh - whore

Hakka (Phonectic, more or less)

diao nia meh - fuck your mom
chew hai - smelly cunt
bot nia meh see
tai lang - fuck your mom's smelly cunt
chap jong - bastard
guy - whore
nia meh boon kiu diao - let the dog fuck your mom


Dutch (Holland)

lul - dick
kut - cunt
kak, stront - shit
opdekontneuker - up-the-ass-fucker
hoer - hooker
eikel - dickhead



kuradi munn - (Lit. devil's penis)
kuradi puts - (Lit. devil's cunt) [strong]
kurat vo~tku - fuck you (Lit. let devil takes it)
kurat, saatan - devil
kusema/pissima (v) - to piss
mine persse! - (Lit. go into ass)
mine vittu - fuck off (Lit. go into cunt)
munn - penis
nussima,nikkuma (v) - to fuck
piss/kusi - piss
raisk - rotted
sitt - shit
sittuma (v) - to shit
vitt/puts - cunt



vittu - fuck(Lit. cunt)
helvetti - hell
vittupaeae - (Lit. cunthead)
kusipaeae - pisshead
paskiainen - bastard
paska - shit
Suksi vittuun - Ski into a cunt
Vedae vittu paeaehaen - Draw a cunt over your head
Ime munaa, runkkari - Suck cock, wanker



merde - shit
manges la merde - eat shit
tu m'emmerdes - you're pissing me off
(Lit. you're shitting on me)
tu me fais chier - you are pissing me off
vas faire foutre
a la vache - go fuck a cow.
encule - fuck you (anal style!?)
salope, ordure, conasse,
poofias - bitch
va te faire voir,
va aux diable,
aux pelotes,
fous la camp,
va te faire cuire un oeuf,
va chier,
te faire voir chez lez Grecs!
- go to hell!, Fuck off!
vas te faire foutre - go get fucked (lit: stuff you)
vas te faire encul� - fuck you
fils de pute - son of a bitch
tu m`emmerdes! - Fuck yourself!
une vieille bique,
il est becheur - an old bitch, pompous ass
le con, la conasse,
la chatte - cunt
baiser - to fuck

ce sont des conneries - that's a load of shit
leche moi et saire me renier
- lick me and make me cum
tete moi le dard, encul�!
- suck my dick,
you fucked faggot!
mes couilles sur ton nez - my balls on your nose
putain, pute - whore
cul - ass
bite - cock
pauvre con - asshole (lit: you poor cunt)
vas pisser dans
les fleurs - fuck off (lit: go piss in the flowers)
c'est rien que
de la merde - its just a bunch of shit
maudite vache - asshole/bitch/etc - (lit: damned cow)
va chier - go shit
tu mangeras le tas - you can eat the pile
(usually an answer to "va chier"s)



Bl�des Arschloch - stupid asshole
Dummes Huhn - stupid chicken
Scheisse - shit
Fotze - cunt
Bl�de Fotze - Stupid cunt
Schwuchtl - faggot (noun)
Lesbe - Lesbian
Mutterficker - motherfucker
Hurensohn - sonuvabitch
Hure - whore
Depp - idiot
Drecksau - dirty pig
Arschgesicht - "Assface" (Butthead)
Fick dich! - fuck you
Fick mich - fuck me
(dummer) Schweinhund - (dumb) pigdog (archaic)
Schlampe - tramp or slut
das geht dich einen feuchten
Scheissdreck an - none of your fucking business
(Lit. that concerns you like wet shit)
du verdammter
Arschficker - you damn assfucker
Auf Wiedersehen
Fickakopf - Goodbye fuckhead
himmeldonnerwetter - *no translation--very strong curse*
(Lit. heaven thunder weather)
Leck mich am Arsch - lick my ass
mach es dir selber - go fuck yourself
scheissekopf - shithead
Lichten mein asch. - kiss my ass, Lit.- Lick my ass
Lichten mein
Hosenschlange! - lit. - Lick my trouser snake
schnoodle noodle - dick snot



vlaca - stupid (noun), moron
Malacca - masturbator, harshest swear for a male
malaka wanker gamisou - fuck off
Ay gamisou - go fuck off
to mounee tis manas sou - fuck your mother's pussy
mounee - pussy
poutsos - dick
poustis - faggot
Fila mou to kolo - kiss my ass
As to thialo - Go to hell
Skila - Bitch
Boostie Mav-ro malaka
skit-tah - nigger dick sucking faggot.


Haitian Creole

dan bounda ou - up your ass
kolan guete maman ou - fuck you
L'en mede - piss off (Lit. in the shit)



Zonah - whore
Zayin - cock
Harah - shit.
Mishugena - freak
Hutzpa - balls (as in he's got a lot of nerve)
Beitsim - Balls
ben zonah - son of a bitch (son of a whore, actually)
lech zayen et
ima shelcha - go fuck your mom
zayin - penis
tahat - ass
mitromem mizdayen
batahat - gay assfucker
zayin al hakuss
hamasrihach shel
haima hamechoeret
shelcha - fuck your ugly mom's smelly cunt
lech lehizdayen - fuck off
lech timtzotz et
hazayin hakatan shel
aba shelcha me'onen
ehad - go suck your dad's small dick you wanker
lech zayen para - go fuck a cow
timtzotz li et hazayin,
hatichat hara
masriach - suck my cock you smelly piece of shit
lakek et hatahat sheli - lick my ass
lakeki li a hadagdegan,
zonah - lick my clit you whore
benzona - son of a bitch
lech tiezdayen - fuck you
ben sharmuta - like son of a bitch
manyak - just a cures
coos ima selha - your mother's vegina



chutia - pussy (in a "you are stupid" context)
gaandu - asshole
mah-der chod - mother fucker
tatti - shit
Bhen Chhod bhayn-chod - Sister Fucker
Madar Chhod
maa-duhr chod - Mother fucker
Bhai Chhod bha-yee chod - Brother Fucker
Chutiya choo-tia - Fucker
Gaand gaa-nd - Ass
Lund luh-nd - Cock
Chut choot - Pussy
Mammey mumm-aye - Breasts



bangsat - bastard
bule - caucasian
gila - crazy
isep kontol - blow job
isep kontol gua - suck my dick
kontol - penis
memek - vagina
monyet - monkey
ngentot - fuck
ngentot lu - fuck you
ngewe - fucking
pantat - ass
pantat besar - big ass
peler - penis
pentil - nipple
toket - women's breast
toket besar - big breast
jembut - pubic hair
biji - testicles ( slang, lit. means "seed" )
pentil - nipple
palaji - ( slang ) foreskin



puttana - whore
fungula / scopa - fuck
merda - shit
Vaffanculo - fuck off
No Skuche ala Gats! - what the fuck do you want from my balls?



bumboclot - you are full of shit
teras - your ass


Japanese (phonetic, more or less)

baka yaroo - stupid bastard
Chikushoo - oh Fuck! (literally: "Animal")
Kuso - shit
Imi imishe Kuso - Eat Fucking Shit
Urusai Kono Bakayaro - Shut up you crazy motherfucker!
ChingChing - penis
ketsunoana - Asshole
Pai Pai - Breasts, nipples
onara - fart
onara atama - fart head
onani - masterbate
anato wa onani o
shimasuka is - Do you masterbate
kin tama - golden balls
kisama - lord of the donkeys
Anata wa dame des - You are a nasty person
manko - pussy


Korean (phonetic more or less)

Ssibal-seki /
Samanes-seki(?) - Son of shit
eemee sheemee pek
poejee dah - your mother has a bald pussy
Geseki - Son of a bitch
Yumago - fuck you
shibseki - all the bad stuff combined, bitch, whore etc.
Ko-chu-pado - suck my dick
Kochu - dick
Dong-mogo - eat shit
K-sa-key - bitch
She-pa-nom - No exact translation but it is the worst
word you could ever say in Korean.


Malaysian (phonetic, more or less)

pookih lang chiau pakalau mah bong
- may your ass, boobs, and penis all fall off
anak haram - bastard
cibai - pussy (?)
pantat - ass
puki/pepek - pussy
puki mak - fuck your mother (also "mother's cunt")
saya hendak pukimak - I want to fuck your mom
isap telur - Suck my balls
cor-nek / shuhana - dick
tetel - boobs
chin hooi - asshole
bodoh - dumb ass
celaka - idiot
puki-thiam - whore house
bohsia - young horny bitch
tet tet - breast
tah fei kei (TFK) - masturbate


Macedonian (phonetic, more or less)

pitch-ga da mahl-a - literally "return to your mother's cunt"



Helvete - Hell
Pule - Fuck
Faen - Damn
Dritt - Shit
drittsek - shitbag
Fitte - Cunt
fleskepanne - meathead
pikk - dick
hore - slut
din faens rompeslikker - you damn asslicker
din mor suger
pikk i helvete - your mother sucks cock in hell
ditt lusne, skitne,
raatne grisetryne - you lousy, dirty stinking, rotten pigface
dra meg hardt i rompehara /
knull meg hardt og fort - fuck me hard and fast (basically...)


Persian (phonetic, more or less)

Kosefil - Elephant's Cunt
kosskesh - pimp (literal: "one who stretches pussy")
coony - Faggot
kesafat - you dirty piece of shit
beshoor - no brained
madar kharbeh - mother fucker
an - diarhhea
kos-khol - person who is crazy and obessed for a
girl's pussy
amale - dirty piece of shit labor worker
khar - idiot
an damagh - booger
khange khodah - screw-up of god
antareh gav - "annoying cow"
bee-sharaf - [bad insult]. def. (?)



huj - dick
dupek - asshole
dziwka - whore (light)
kurwa - whore (hard), fig. "Oh shit!"
spieprzaj - piss off
spierdalaj - fuck off
pojebany - fucked up
pierdolec - fucker
G�wno (pron. GOOVnoh) - shit
zajebiste - "fucking awesome"
Coor-va - fuck



foder - to fuck; Present Indicative: eu
broche - cock sucking
chupa-me a - suck my cock
foda-se - fuck (figurative)
pica, piroca, caralho - cock
puta, cabra - bitch
vai para o caralho - piss off vai-te
corno - faggot



Sooka - Bitch/traitor/whore
Yob - Fuck (verb root)(ie "I Fuck"="Ya Yebur"
baltattsya kak govno v prorubi
- to be flighty or indecisive (?)
(Lit. to bob like shit in a hole in the ice)
Yob tvoiu mat' - "Fuck you!" or "Oh shit!"
(literal: "Fuck your mother" or
"I just fucked your mother")
(perhaps the harshest insult in Russian)
poshol na khui - Fuck off (Lit. go onto a dick)
poshol v zhopu - Fuck off (Lit. go into an asshole)
tebya ne ebut,
ti ne podmakhivai - mind your own fucking business
(Lit. you're not being fucked,
so don't wiggle your ass)
paashol v'chorte - go to hell
kooshi govno ee oomree - eat shit and die
ya eemay-you o-chen
balshoy jol-ty hoy - I have a big yellow dick
tva-ya mama sa-seet
kor-rov-on-ni-ye hoy-ee - You mother sucks cow dicks.
per-ee-staan haameetca - stop bitching
yob tvoyu mat - fuck your mother
bivneetca - showing off asshole
peesa - polite penis
govno - shit (literally)
bliad - "Oh shit!" (lit. whore)
Khui - cock
pizda - cunt
manda - cunt
zhopa - an asshole or an ass
sraka - an ass (extremely vulgar)
mudak - an asshole (a person only)
bliad' - whore
govniuk - shithead



Jebem ti mater u picku! - I fuck your mother in her pussy!
(Yebem tee mutter oo peetchqu)
Bog te jebo! - May God fuck you!
(Bog te yebo)
Jebo ti pas mater! - May a dog fuck your mother!
(Yebo tee puss mutter)
Crko dabogda stoko seljacka!
- May you drop dead, you redneck ox!
(Crko dubogda stocko selyachka)
Popusis mi kurac krasni!
- Suck my lovely dick!
(Popoosheesh me quratz krusnee)
Peecko smrdlyeeva - You smelly pussy.
(when you are a wimp, or afraid to do something)
Govno yedno - You piece of shit.
Peechka - pussy.
Sranje! - ohhh, shit!
Some! - you stupid ass.
Yebachu te! - I'll fuck you.
(have two meanings.
1. if you want to fight with someone.
2. when you are about to fuck a chick.



Pejt u pizdu mater! - Go to (in) your mothers vagina
(Peyt oo PEEZ-doo MA-ter)
Preklet vosu! - Cursed donkey (literally "Bloody fool")
(Prek-LET voh-SOO)
kurac - penis
pizda - vagina
drek - shit
peder - faggot



Chingas tu madre - Fuck your mom
Mierde - Shit
Chupa me, puto - Suck me, asshole!
chupe me verga /
chupa me la peha - suck my dick
puta - (feminine) whore, bitch
puto - (masculine) dickhead, asshole
joto - faggot (mex.)
pendejo/pendeja - (m/f) asshole, dickhead, etc.
Marricon - faggot
Mariposa (Mex.) - faggot (lit. butterfly)
chingar - to fuck
cagar - to shit
coger - to fuck, (lit. to catch)
chupar - to suck
verga - dick (lit. broomstick)
pinche - fucking (sp?)
chorizo - dick (lit. sausage)
panocha - pussy (extremely vulgar)
culo - ass
huevos - testicles (lit. eggs)
chichis - breasts
pendeja, pendejo - (Lit. pubic hair)
me cago en la hostia - i shit in the communion wafers
Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk.
beso mi culo - kiss my ass
hacete cojer - go and get fucked
hijo de mil putas - son of thousand bitches
metete un palo en
el culo - shove a stick up your ass
me cago en la puta
madre que te pario
hijo de puta - I shit on the bitch mother that gave you
birth you son of a bitch
chimba - pussy (colombian spanish)



fitta - cunt
kuk - cock
pattar - tits
fan - damn
mammaknullare - motherfucker
din morsa luktar
friterad getr�v
i fittan - your mother smells like fried
goatass in her cunt
kuksugare - cocksucker
knullare - fucker
r�vh�l - asshole
helvete - hell
b�g - faggot
j�vlar - fucking
sug min kuk - suck my cock


Tagalog (Philippine)

TAE - Shit
Putanginamo - Fuck you
maliit ang titi mo - you got a small dick
magkantutan tayo - let's fuck
naninigas ang titi ko - I got a hard on
didilain ko ang tingil mo - I'll lick your clit
sipsipin mo ang titi ko - suck my dick
lunukin mo ang tamod ko - swallow my cum
malaki ang susu mo - you got big tits
anak ka nang puta - son of a bitch
puke nang ina mo - your mom's pussy
tukmol - ugly
Igao walang kang diti - you are dickless
Igao walang kang puit - you are buttless
Bi-HO KEE KEE - Stinky pussy.



Siktir lan - get fucked
Anani sikerim - i'll fuck your mum
got veren - ass giver
ibne - faggot
um - cunt
chukumu yala - suck my dick
ananin yara var,
ve baban jelos oldu - your mums got a dick and your
father jealous.



goo - dick
geeum - pussy
dum [doom] mare may - fuck your mother
lo-de - asshole
du-ma-nhieu - go fuck yourself



Hivno - shit
Khui - cock
Sraka - ass

Unique English

Anally retentive Pubic Louse
Cum Guzzling Fat Fuck
Gap Toothed trailer park discount whore
Lying sack of Siberian snake shit
gapped toothed, beer guzzlin', cousin fucker



Putz - dickhead
Yutz - asshole
Schlemeil - asshole (the one that "screws"
Schlmazel - asshole ("gets screwed" by the schlemeil)
Mishugena - freak


I found this text somewhere, I am not quite sure where from, but I added alot, and edited content, so just have fun with your knew found language abilities. And as Missy sais, don't mis-translate Portugese, because you may end up with the sweet taste of Gizzy in your mouth.. :)

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