/me growls

OK, listen up. I'm really sick of this now.

bnhshallow, you ungrateful puke. Who the hell do you think you are? I'm one of the most active posters in this forum. I answer every question I know the answer too, and lots of times I look shit up if I don't. I give you a resource to look through to try and help you, and I even wrote out a post explaing it for you and you have the nerve to talk shit? Fine, fuck you pal. Don't ask me for shit again. You get no more help from me, understand?

My point was that Blackspider, Backslash, myself, pergesu AND black^Pimp all have re-posted the exact same info, and that is what was making this thread retared. There is almost nothing more to be added, and the posts are redundant. Read this whole trhead from start to finish, it 2 posts repeated over and over.

The next time anyone feels like lecturing me on the finer points of the newbie forum go look at my previous posts. I answer a hell of a lot more stupid questions than the amount of times I ever say shit to someone.

And btw, feel free to kiss my ass too.