Ok Infinite, man im sorry. I would like to build up relationships with people on UGN Security instead of getting on bad terms with everyone. Im not kissing anybodies ass but I really do appreciate that all of you guys are nice enough to share information (over and over) with people that just want an awnser to a question, and not knowledge.

Isnt it true that alot (if not most) newbies come and get membership to the UGN Security forum just to get an awnser to a question? Not really gain any knowledge? Thats what ive noticed on alot of boards like this one. I dont know how you guys put up with some of the people that come and post "How do I hack into Hotmail", or "How do i hack a website". Its perfectly logical for any one of you guys to respond to my post or any other dumb n00b post like infinate did.

Thanks black^Pimp, Blackspider, Backslash, Infinite, and pergesu for your help.