It's true that some newbies post stuff like "How I Hack Hotmail" and "Hacking A Domain."

I think the point that Infinite was trying to make though was that you shouldn't have reposted a topic that was previous posted as a topic. You should look in the past threads to see if this was posted and if it was don't posted it again, if you can't see it, go ahead and post. Some members might not like repeated threads. I don't care if one is repeated, but some don't. So, maybe next time look to see if it was previously posted.

Oh yah if you still want more information on a topic, that was posted already. Post a reply in that topic or IM someone who posted in that topic for the info.

- Someone who wants to learn to "hack" hotmail or a domain. I think is really missed. Esecpially like NNW Hackers, hacking, they ruined my 92 file subdomain, that I was using since my domain doesn't support PHP. The Newbies that post crap like this, will simpley be insulted, topic might and probably be locked, and depending how Gizmo-Curse feels he/she might be banned or not.