This topic belongs in general. General is for technology posts that don't fit in other areas, or about board related stuff.

I'm leaning more on psychogen's side in this debate. Certainly illegal stuff should be closed. Psychogen is not the only respected member complaining about too many topics being closed. I myself don't care much either way. When somebody posts something stupid, I tend to ignore it. If somebody chooses to close it... *shrug* but I would've been just as happy with it open.

So even though the general opinion is that too many topics are being closed, and because of that, I share the same opinion... There is nothing I can or will do about it. It is up to the moderator's discretion as to whether a topic is closed. I'm not about to tell moderator's not to close so much, cause what if it is truly necessary? So instead, I support what pergesu said about complaints. If anybody has a particular problem with a topic being closed, then contact that moderator about it, OR come to me about it.
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