I only read the top part of the post, because the bottom part has nothing to do with the problem you mentioned. You're right that if you don't have to sign a dotted line, you probably don't read the rules. You don't have to read the rules, I don't care. People that post don't have to read the rules, I don't care. The mods need to know the rules though, and need to see to it that the rules are upheld. This keeps UGN Security out of any kind of legal trouble, as well as maintaining something of a professional image.

We say all the time that if you have a problem with a topic being closed, go ahead and PM the mod that closed it, one of the GMs, or an admin. So we have the mod that closed it, me, unreal, and SR. In the future I'll give better explanations about why I close stuff. Now for your thing about people not being given the option to flame newbies for when they make dumb posts, I don't give a flying fuck. If you wanna flame a newb, go ahead and check the forums every five minutes and get your flame in before we close the posts. I see no need to flame anybody. I think on occasion it might be warranted, but that's very, very rare. I close stuff mostly because I know somebody's gonna get flamed, and I don't appreciate the disrespect that gets shown in such flames. This makes the newb less willing to come back, less willing to spread the word about UGN Security, and makes UGN Security look bad. You can say, "Well I've got a thick skin, he should too." That's not how it works. When somebody speaks up for the first time and gets shit on and kicked, he's not gonna come back.

How are newbs supposed to learn what's okay to post and what's not? Well when they post, and 20 minutes later it gets closed, I'm sure they get a good idea that that wasn't a good post.

As you said, we help people learn. That includes long time members and people brand new to the computer scene. I want to see as many people come here and find what they're looking for as possible, and that doesn't happen if they get flamed ass-black on their first post.