what do i want to learn ? that is a good question.
i want to learn how to be more effective in using a computer. this is a tool and i use it every day, i work on it, logging information into spreadsheets, data entry etc, i do research on line with it, compile documents for my "retainer" (i am a "consultant"), and often i search online for information relating to what it is we do here at the company.
i would like to know how to program it to make it do what i want, wich will make my job now, and most likely in the future, much easier - more efficient.
i want to know about electronics in general. i don't have a calculus background big enough to really know the nitty - gritty, but what about the basics ?
i also plan to put linux an a spare laptop i got, and linux.org has great tutorials.
that's for starters. boring, everyday computer stuff.
the more "colorfull" stuff yall be discussin' on this site, that shit is so far beyond my frame of refernce, that i only look on w/ curiosity.
thanks for the reponses so far !!
i'll check out the leads...........