The problem is people live kevin rose, on G4/TechTV. He tells kids the names of sniffers and tools, and makes them think that is what a hacker is. I remember watching War Games as a kid (have the dvd btw) and thinking that it was cool, but my friends thought it was stupid. Then came Hackers, and everyone wanted to be a hacker. Then the fit hit the shan after Matrix. I know that I am by no means an authority on anything, I am still learning and I ask questions when I need help. But, threads like these, although entertaining at times detract from what I think UGN Security is about. Once again, I know I am really new here, but I believe that everyone here has offered me help when I needed it, but that was because I didn't make my first post here "Dudes can you tell me how to get into my friends computer?" or "Dude, I have an IP adress what can I do with it?" So If you are reading this Neo V (neo=matrix) Do yourself a favor, and read, read, read. And spanky, you are right, and I hope, I'm not one of the spoonfed noobs.
D, world destruction
Over and overture
N, do I need
Apostrophe T, need this torture?-They Might Be Giants