Originally posted by Rican Havock:
i had the same issue u are having now, until i Switched to Opera....(IE6 sucks in so many ways)
but what u can do is run Hijack This, Ad aware, and Spybot.. if those fail u can do it manually by searching the registy, but becareful
I ran Ad aware, Spybot, never heard of hijack this.. I have the new ad aware too. Ad aware SE.

You still have the problem Rican Havock!!! This is no regular ad-ware scum. It is actually classified as a trojan. Updates for it are made weekly. It is thought to belong to some ad company in Russia. Do a search in google groups and you can see the power this thing has.

Giz I did lock the home page. It was unlocked and re-set. How is that for evil.
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