no, a good linesman won't consider them "grounded", but is used to it. a GOOD linesman has a voltage tester, like I USED to.

My last post got ate the first time, and explained grounding/wiring/tni/cab/taping/boxes in more definition. Thus I say this, in a short version. for grounding.

If someone doesn't know what a ground is, they shouldn't be in a tni, or a damn cab. Because stupid people don't belong around electricity. I think we both agree on that eh?

My grandfather is the only one in my family that was a linesmen(for nynex I think, after WWII), and during WWII. I know that back then they were much more precautionary of things, because they didn't have such good fail safes as they do today.

Though I have heard of linesmen getting shocked, or killed. I myself used to use certified THICK rubber gloves, and a voltage tester if I was really working on wiring. Anyway I hope this helps. I wish my other post would have gone through.
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