I have been getting free tracfone minutes for a couple years now...
I even got the new digital tracfone, and figured out how to get free e-mail and text messaging and everything!

Here is what I do:

I save a few tracfone cards that 'fell' into my pocket when i was visiting my local walmart. I called up and gave them the numbers. "We're sorry sir but this card needs to be taken back to the store and be reswiped" Oh yea? Well I didn't feel like it. Since I didn't pay or anything. So I kept calling. And guess what??


Sometimes I had to call like 10 times, and even then some days I just don't get lucky. If anyone has any tips as to why or when the best times are or anything like that, PLEASE email me.

I'll tell you more.

I even go as far as CHANGING the numbers on the card by a few digits. They will also ask you for an SMP number (which is an 8 digit number near a UPC on the card, sometimes following a bunch of zeros, sometimes underlined) Anyway, these are sequential, and if it was a recently 'borrowed' card, then I up the digits by a few, if its very old, I up the number by a thousand or whatever.

ANYWAY, they will put you on hold and check with their technicians in another department.

This is where you cross your fingers. Sometimes these technicians okay it, and fill in the blanks on the numbers that dont match up (Each SMP matches the pin that is on the REAL card, so if you make one up it doesnt match, but they STILL do it sometimes) OR sometimes they activate it.

If they don't they say you need to return the card. If they do they say turn on your phone. Then they give you your code, and your minutes!!!

BUT sometimes they tell you to type in some testing codes, and will ask you to read them back the numbers that pop up on your screen, and they will check with their tech department again.

ONCE, a woman had me do the testing code, then she had me type in a code, it said invalid, then another code, and it WORKED! And she didnt even go to the other department!!!
This makes me believe there *IS* a way for someone to write a code generator program!!!!

It's annoying and takes many tries, but I've gotten tens of thousands of free tracfone minutes and YES THIS DOES WORK WITH THE ONE YEAR CARD!

Another thing I have noticed is that they know, by the pin usually, how many units are on the card, so use ones from a 300, that's what I do. They are more likely to put it through for you if it really has the amount of units on it that you told them it did. I also think there may be a connection to where you bought it. Because I've 'borrowed' a couple target cards, and didn't have as much luck when I say they are from walmart as I did when I said Target.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to ask me any questions.

This really does work, so TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!

Good luck! ENJOY!