Well i'll be the coder for this coz im bored as fuck the way i see it how all pay cards works they have a formula for making cards they pop out 20,000 within a range and start a new range etc...
its all about maths.. the best thing to do is to post all the numbers you have used to see if u can find a pattern
I made one for a new zealand vodafone network.. and it worked a couple of times it aint an exact sience..
anyway esn has nothing to do with the top up cards thats to do with the way the network handles your phone in most cases
u send ur esn and other info i'll post relevant shit later on.. continuing on.. they validate it within their network and check their database.. which led me to think a remote hack might be possible
to spoof the esn etc.. u can clone cellphone or what not.. but i reckon a num generator wud be sweet.. 1st of its kind
so send ur old numbers etc.. and get me more info on their systems
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