1) i was thinking(and have confirmed) it seems that SOME stores who donot have Scanning/internet capibility have preactivated cards. now it seems to me that they could be activated ether before leaving the factory or just that possibly some complex phone registration is required appon the retailer oppening/receving the case(unlikely). sence all codes need to be activated at somepoint it seems ligit that we should be going after these pre-activated codes. If the later is true it may be possible to activate some 500 cards from the security of a cleanphone.

2) If you activate your tracfone in a different area(causing roamming) when your expiration date is passed it will still let you listen to the othernetworks services menus. i have yet to fool around and see if i could get a call out of this because i donot wish to waste me precious minutes(expecialy sence they are roaming 2x). i donot know if this could lead to a goast like phone sence it willnot allow incoming calls from the number it had(and still thinks it is).
Dose anybody know if you can still get these service voice menues once your time/date is up and/or to what extent?
I have a felling that it would be eayser to screw the analog service in this way if it is possible.
i know that this may be a definate no due to my own ignorece towards newer cells or do i have an idea here?
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