Ok, now I'll be nice and explain this, just like Phone Cards, until the item is scanned in and registered as payed for, the item is worthless. The only way to activate it is to have the phone scanned at a register an the order processed. In theory the only otherway is to hack the phone companies data base and activate the phone from there. You could maybe try social engineering customer service, ie. You bought the phone but it wasn't properly activated and you don't have the reciept anymore. Now there is also this magical concept called paying for stuff, ever hear of it? Works a whole lot better and alot better then wasting your time stealing phones and messing around with them. With all that free time you could have a social life, maybe even a job then people would call you on a phone that you don't have to worry about. Go forth into the world young man and make a difference.
"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually fucking with Mitsubishi!"
- Jello Biafra