I shouldnt post this but what the hell big companys are taking all the money i remember
when internet it was just internet now its just comercial worst than tv well here its my new trick 2004 for tracfones im not responsable for any modification you can do to your system and cellphone this idea its just to think an other
way to phreak those phones here its a list what you need
2: a computer connected to the internet
3:brutus program http://www.hoobie.net/brutus
4:a generator of 15 digits or the slow way type your own digits with a notepad you need to make at least 20,000 numbers of 15 digits each one to make it work. ok here hows its work first you goto tracfone.com goto reactivate phone in the page where ask you to put your esn and a valid pin number put any pin you have in mind of 15 digits and click continue of course the page will say thats invalid pin number but copy the address on the top of your brownser and before you paste the address run brutus program now you can paste address on target just use http (basic auth)on brutus program brownse for your file "txt" where you have all your 15 digits number i hope you make a lot the more you got the more you lucky to get a valid number put your list on both sites
the username and password hit start and remember the two fingers well cross your finger because you'll see a list of possible valid pin for your tracfone.. good luck (sorry for my english i'll give learning)