LoL, people always take the hard route, if you don't have the money for phone calls. If you hate fuckin Ma Bell, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, MCI, for charing greedy rates for a service that would be dirt cheap if it wasn't run by gluttonous commericial killers like micro$hit. If you just wanna be a phreak, and really don't give a fuck. Then learn how the systems work, watch people that run them, your around them all the time.

Your neighborhood linesmen, that jacks up to your tni, and cab. Follow him to your c/o, where they leave unlocked trucks you can get into, and gank shit. Find out how your c/o works...lots of info from ppl that have worked there, and people that have gained illegal access to parts. That info is all over the web. Fuckin last but not least if your gonna fuck around with cell phones, don't be cocky, wasting time with complex methods, or trying to make new ones. I get that the ones there are not always going to work, and pioneering is the new field. As is reverse enigneering, but fuck people, your not in jail, your not in a place where you have little electronics, or little ways to get things you want to work on.

Feel for the phreaks in jail? Yea? Fuckin if your all about your game, your skills, then you should be about cloning, and procuring access that screws the system itself not people on it. As a metaphor did you see Neo in the Matrix killing pppl needlessly? No, you fuck over the system in small steps, those that are attached to it by force, cannot be helped. But those that are not by force, but by choice, or are not knowing of what if going on hold no moral real in losing their material gain. Even if materialism is bad.

In short ethics went down the drain a long time ago in the h/p/v/a/c/s scene, but we don't have to totally lose them to the sea. We can recycle them through a treatment plant of our own devises. These are not secrets, not ways to get deeper into the system, but if your not about being deep in the system, if you have a language barrier, or you just don't want to take the further steps. Or if you are not ready to take the further steps. Then don't pollute the fighting hand to the system with half bakes, and wouldn't this be cool.

How things work, how to break into things, how to steal things without hurting the people that matter. How to return the systems in a whole to the people that they were meant for. Not systems to own them, but systems to own.

This comes from my heart, and I don't care one bit who agrees or not. I don't feel for those that need to say yea...but bla bla. Because In the end if you can't accept that their are rules, and pathways that must be taken for certain conditions. Then your just as lost as you believe your not. Just like the human that says "that sentence makes no sense, you just spit meaningless bullshit". The person that can respond in a intelligent manner, and really prove wrong from right, the person that doesn't need biggotry, and angst mocking of others will be the person that is fit to lead those that need leading. Rather then just want it. Rules bend, but if you break them, your either going to fall, or fly. To that end...most fall:/

That's how I feel, and if it could be summed up in less, the later-half would be that of others nit picking, till a agreement was met. Which in the end never matters, it just wastes the time when the doing that needs done, should have been done.

P.S. - I don't condone illegal activities, I speak my mind, if your stupid enough to do stupid shit, then take your own responsibility. Don't have someone hand you your stolen money in other words...that's yet another metaphor from my vast array of them. I liek...metaphors...kthx.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"