Speaking from experience if you want to work in the Military on computers, in computer security and such as I do, they look for certifications and degrees. For Example

- CCNA : Cisco Certified Network Associate
- CCDA : Cisco Certified Design Associate
- CCIP : Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
- CCSP : Cisco Certified Security Professional
- MCSE : Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
- CISSP : Certified Information Systems Security Professionals
- Knowledge of SQL Programming Language
- Knowledge of Basic Programming

- A Computer Engineering Degree would defiently be beneficial

This is what the Canadian Army looks for in computer specialists now I presume that the American Army is pretty much the same. The problem is you have to be willing to start at the bottom because there are a wealth of people with vast knowledge in these fields that have the best positions.

Keep in mind im not saying that you MUST have ALL these things to be able to work in computers for the military but you do indeed need to have at least a couple and the Military will train you in the rest if neccesary.
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