Alright, since this is my "Day of Celebration", I'll kindly explain the situation.

First of all, the first thread was closed because it was bordering on illegal. Infact the first post was pretty much how to illegally cheat a cell phone company.

Now we have no problem with exploring the phone system and learning how this technology works. It's all in the phrasing. Asking how billing works or how the phones keep track of minutes is pretty much cool. Asking how to add minutes or cheat billing however is very bad.

Think of it like this, how you say it will affect whether or now we get a Cease and Desist order or a few years in a Federal PMITA Prison.

So... you want to take the time to reword your post

Also if we close a thread, we have a reason to do so. Please respect that and not try to revive threads. Thank you
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