Now how about people with At&t, I'd like to do something about my Nokia 3361...

LOL, d00d I was most wanted in the middle school, that and all those damn thugs who later joined gangs. They like questioned me, all I had to say was I like you T1 connection... With some social engineering I avoided being kicked out. Naw best way to learn is when a n00b, make mistakes... You learn. As for the school network, it's boring now, they are so shitty. The school is so outdated xcpt the computer lab.

sry that wasn't totally on topic. L8rz... d00d no worry a. it's a she, even better b. 13... If she continues at the rate she is now... She be like super l337... I would be willing to send my lib of cell cloning info, but that is a bit advanced, I'm still lost on some of that.
"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"