Maybe this is more of a question than a comment, but I recently noticed something concerning AT&T. At one time, when I dialed through them at a payphone by using 10102880, they would insist that I put in about 3 dollars to make the call. Now however, when I do the same thing they first ask me if I'd like to bill it collect, bill it to a third person (ah memories), or pay for it myself. When I chose that I would pay for it, it gives me more options. Among them, would I like to use a calling card, or just bill it to the phone I'm calling from. When I selected the phone I'm calling from, I received an operator who insisted there was no way for me to make the call in the way I had chosen (good to know they still let real people say that). But even though it would have taken a while, had I NEEDED to make that call I could have put in the 3 dollars worth of quarters...seems to me like AT&T is making it so that only people with calling cards can make calls. Anyone else experience this? I have yet to try it with more operators, so it's possible I just got a bad one.