Sound on a telco network is useless due in large part to SS7. SS7 killed Blue boxes as it places the management of the line in a seperate channel from the conversation taking place.

See it is no longer pops and whistels that make the phone network work, it is now all pacetised. Even most 3rd world nations have moved into SS7. It is an international thing.

So what can you do? Well is one were to have into our databases that could be power.

I do know the local number portability data base is stores in the STP(the actual SS7 switch) for most major RBOC's(baby bells). One could definately wreak havoc in there.

AIN(Advanced Inteligent Network)caller ID, call ring back, caller voice, those features are mostly on IPe's now. It is a type of server. IP has nothing to do with internet protocol.

I sugest study SS7 if you thing tones still work in the Rboc's network. Bout the only useful box I know of now is the orange box that can spoof caller ID.
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