[23:20] <+windead> hey gizmo, have you read my post about blue boxing in third world countires?
[23:20] <+windead> *countries
[23:21] <+pergesu> Can I get some linkage?
[23:21] <+windead> http://www.undergroundnews.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=5;t=000044
[23:21] <+windead> have you heard about that sort of thing?
[23:23] <+windead> and my friend didnt do much testing with it. just blasted 2600 and got a dialtone. might have been a glitch, or maybe the tone actually worked like it used too
[23:24] <@Gizmo> i know about it
[23:24] <@Gizmo> nynexphreak used to bluebox to the USA to call me or confs
[23:24] <+windead> where was he doing it?
[23:25] <@Gizmo> from third world countries to the usa is possible
[23:25] <@Gizmo> vice versa isn't generally unless you have an 800 exchange
[23:25] <@Gizmo> which i used to hav ea list of
[23:25] <@Gizmo> He's in Manchester England
[23:25] <@Gizmo> blueboxed everywhere from africa to china
[23:26] <+windead> hmmm... i'm going to australia this summer. i'll be sure to try it there
[23:26] <@Gizmo> A lot of places still have old systems
[23:26] <@Gizmo> you'd be suprised at how common it can be in the would
[23:26] <@Gizmo> world even
[23:28] <+windead> thats pretty cool. i'm gonna be doing a lot of travelling over the next couple years. i'll make a list of places where it works
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