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10 metres = 1000 cm = 393in = 32.75 feet = 10.9 yards. A bit off by demical. I'm not out for math. Because.

Reuters of the UK reports, and I heart this from a radio show too.

A British, junior gymnastics team member, fell from the fourth floor of a Ljubljana hotel. Ljubljana with its 280.000 inhabitants, the Capital City of The Republic of Slovenia.

The gymnist is said to have suffered only a broken ankle after his skills saved his life, the Slovenian press reported on such events.

The Slovenske Novice wrote,
"Probably my gymnastic knowledge and experience saved me," - 17 year old, Steven Jehu said Tuesday.

Steve also said, "There was a big window that could be opened. I leaned out over a metal bar, but the bar suddenly broke. I couldn't do anything. I fell,"

The gymnast did a somersault while falling from the window, which was more than 10 metres (33 feet) from the ground, and braced himself for a gymnastic landing.

Jehu's favorite is the rings. one of five British junior athletes who travelled to Ljubljana last week for the European gymnastics championships. Which starts on April 15-18.

Steven said, "I got away with it all right, although the European championships for me ended before they even began,"
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