One of the nations biggest oposition forces against leagalising pot.... Dum dum dum..... The alcohol industry. Sounds crazy but it is true. After the 1920's the Liquor buissness was picking back up now leagal again to sell. But they noticed something. Poeple were actualy switching to weed for a buz while liquor was outlawed.

Now the funny thing about this is the 1920's liquor was banned until someone had the good sense to say, this is not stoping anyone. Now that was a whole decade. How far are we now on the war on drugs? Two?, Three?, decades now? To tell anyone you can not have what you can grow and produce is just ignorant.

Weed is bad for the lungs. Very bad. It also has long term mental effects. As we grow and become adulta our brain is wireing up for our future. Weed smoke can "un-wire" you permantely.
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