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The 10 acknowledged victims of "bind, torture, kill" serial killer Dennis Rader were as follows:

-- Joseph Otero, Jr., 38. He and his wife, Julie Otero, 34, and the two youngest of their five children were killed at their home on Jan. 15, 1974. Born in Puerto Rico, Otero immigrated to New York as a boy and was working in Wichita as an aircraft mechanic.

-- Rader hung 11-year-old Josephine Otero in the basement of her home and masturbated by her body, after killing her parents and 9-year-old brother Joseph Otero upstairs.

-- Kathryn Bright, 21, was stabbed to death on April 4, 1974. Her brother, Kevin, was shot in the attack, but survived.

-- Shirley Vian, 24, was tied up and strangled at her home on March 17, 1977. Her three young children, home at the time, screamed through the attack, Rader later said.

-- Nancy Fox, 25, was found tied up and strangled in her home on Dec. 9, 1977. Fox was a secretary and worked part-time at a jewelry store. The killer called police to report the murder, the first time authorities had heard his voice.

-- Marine Hedge, 54. Her body was found three days after her May 2, 1985, abduction. A mother of three, Hedge worked at a hospital cafeteria.

-- Vicki Wegerle, 28, was strangled at her home on Sept. 16, 1986. A mother of three, her 2-year-old son was home at the time but left unharmed.

-- Dolores Davis, 62, was abducted Jan. 19, 1991, and her body was found 13 days later. A few months earlier, she had retired after 25 years as a secretary for an oil and gas exploration company.

Rader, described as a church-going man once active in scouting, is now 60. He had held a number of jobs in the Wichita area over the years, ranging from home security to an animal control officer. He held a college degree in justice administration.

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