The US. War cabinet just concluded a meeting with top Pentagon & Central Command Generals in the white house, a limited military strike against Syria was approved in the meeting as punishment for their role in the terrorist attack that killed PM Hariri of Lebanon on Feb 14th-05., Israel defense Forces was notified incase re-bail attack from the Syrians takes place. The US Armed forces will act alone and with out approval of the UN or any other nation. Up to 900 cruise missiles could launched from US. Bases in the region, also limited air raid would be carried out on some military installation, an-identified source said. The attack could start as early as Sunday and end by Friday. No confirmation wither President Assad would bee targeted in these attacks. Orders were carried out to the field Generals operating in the region our source said. After the war cabinet meeting President Bush requested the UN Security Counsel for an urgent meeting to discuss the Syrian behavior to the world peace.