'spare the rod, spoil the child'

the key is moderation. theres a difference between beating the shit out of ur kid to instill some sense of authority and spanking em to teach them a lesson.

now don't get me wrong, im all for parents being able to discipline their kids as they feel fit. god knows how annoying it is seeing a spoilt toddler chucking the biggest spaz attack in the supermarket cos he cant get some gijoe generic off the shelves.
but there will always be the element of standards:
that is, how much is too much?

being bitch-slapped by ur mom whos natural instincts are to protect you is completely different to being flung across the room by your dad who still harbors resentment into never making it pro in boxing.

these new reality shows like 'SuperNanny' and 'Babysitters' are utter bullshit. Since when do parents need books or professionals to help em raise good, dignified script-kiddies? :p
parenting is all about trial-and-error. its a relationship between parent and child that grows through mutual respect for one another (well, at least in a perfect world).
i say speak to your parents and learn from their mistakes...
but more importantly, try and emulate what they did right (even if that means a mouth full of chilli if your kid utters a doo-doo word )
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