Actually the government need drugs in our country. The war on drugs employees many many Us citezens. DEA for example would have no real reason to exist if it were not for the large number of drugs coming into this country. But here is the kicker. If they do thier job and stop drug trafficing... Politicians will cut funding as less drugs mean less need for agents.

Many a special project I imagine has been funded by the sales of narcotics. But should a 30 year old man with a wife and child or children go to jail for 6 months, loose his job, house, car, children over a dime bag of weed? I think not. Crack, coke, heroin, PCP, meth, opium I think yes arrest that person.

LSD, weed, Mushrooms, I think no. It is natral (LAD comes from fungus that grows on rye(Yes I know cocke, opium and heroin are very close to natral))
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