An update from the world of Dss hacking...

DTV - H cards are dead... emulation for the Hu is in beta and very private... P4 eeprom is dumped with highly private beta testing being done now.

Dish - Well, as always, when the kill the card, no one had better even have a pace maker in the room. I mean, there ECM's will kill you family pet and cripple little Johhny. Seriously, a real good emulation is out but requires hardware mods. Rumors of some good private auto roller software is bouncing around but is not confirmed.

Be careful with the term "Smart Card"... that is a generic term that is referencing an ISO 7816. Not just any smart card will work. It requires the base eeprom flash that is dumped but not enirely mapped. To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a confirmed case of a blank smart card being flashed and enabled to decode the stream. Not saying there isn't one, just not that has been advertised or sold... just dreamed of. The exception may be EmuGold .

Most of the generic ones are white or yellow. Sometimes, scammers will try to pass these off as working DTV or Dish cards. For the regular, everyday signal thief, go with a provider manufactored card. Hu's are currently going for around $100, H's are mini ice scrapers worth nothing, and the P4 for around $300 (or there abouts). Don't buy a P4 LOL.

Unloopers are roughly $100 also. Programmers and bootloaders are now for the most part useless but hang on to them if ya got them... they may make a comeback.

Crystal, if your Dad has that many, he is holding a gold mine. If you can describe one to me, I can tell you if it is right or not. The Hu's are purplish with a football player on it. On the back, there is the gold ASIC pad and just under the bar code is a number that begins with Hu.

That's the short of it I think.

Diamond... good to run into you, come by and visit when you get the chance
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