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Fear our children, they are ruining the very fabrick of our social structure. Lock them away. They are the ones that are the problem... Umm wait a sec, they learn from us. Oh snap, maybe they just need better guidance and role modles. Maybe before we call the cops and wash our hands of an issue we have become too lazy to deal with... Maybe, *gasp* we should try to guide, tech, speak to these future adults. Maybe we can tech these little people how to properly conduct them selves. Maybe we do not have to call the police on a 4 foot tall 50 lbs child. Maybe we can tech them reasoning and how to conduct them selves before we call the forceful scary police.

Schools are there to teach children. What was the lesson here. Grant it it is not thier job to raise our children, but any techer who calls the cops on an 8 year old, maybe an elemetery school teacher is not the ideal job for her. Children act out when they are disstresed. Maybe mom and dad are divorcing, maybe he saw mom and dad fight or daddy hit mommy that morning. I think here is how I would have handled the situation.

1.) call the office to either take the child out of class or watch my class while I did.

2.) Once child is removed to quite calmer enviroment *gasp* try talking to them. Things like, are you upset, do you know you can get in big trouble for acting that way? You hurt me, why did you do that?

3.) Give the child some crayons and a piece of paper. You would be surprised at what you can learn about what is going on with them from this little thing.

4.) call parents and explain I think the child needs to go home today and I am worried about what happened. I would like a parent teach confference to disscuss what happened and what we can do to stop future episodes.

5.) See the school nurse to see if the child might be reacting to an allergy or if child maybe needs to be on meds.

Any of these things could have been done before the child was turned over to the cops, and before a stranger struck the child in anger.
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