I'm know playing Silent Hill2 and if I should compare it into the horror gene against like Resident Evil it suxs, I f*cking hate the monsters it's ridiculos. I was hoping from alot more of SH2 but I've not gotten especially far but i hope it will get better, and ofcourse it gives a certain effect on you with the flashlight and the long dark corridors.

And what about Mafia?
My friends didnt like it because the cars were so slow, but i adored it! I Loved the story and i really felt that i was really involving into the game, i got addicted, i were involved in the story and the Mafia and felt that i had to contine to se what happend?
I liked the musik in Mafia, I liked the story, I liked the end, I was like a movie for me that i could interact in and control...
Actully i almost felt like i was the character.
(NO i was not high!)

Hehe call me crazy but i really liked i think everything about Mafia.

Plz let me know your opinion.... :p