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Its WAY to Cartoonish for me = (
PLus i only liked the Zelda for 64 = )

Anyways I hate Nintendo consols, there for Kids, the only games they have that is worth on GameCube is Resident Evil (Uncut Version)
Ok i never did want to reply on this topic but this does it. SO here we go.

At first: Why are all you kids graphics whores? A game isn't all about graphics. What are you with a game with good graphics but where the gameplay does suck big time? And yes the game lookes like a cartoon but so what? The graphics are great cell shading on it's best. So what is the problem?
Shigeru Miyamoto at least dares to do something innovative, and he did a great job (as always).

So if you don't like the cell shading of the new zelda, don't moan about it and just shut up.

And second: The I don't like Nintendo for it's kiddie games... I hate it when people say that. It's just another example of ooh i heard people saying that that is bad so i also think it's bad (just as with the Mandrake thing). What does make you think Nintendo games only are for kids? Cause there is no blood flying around? Grow up...
Nintendo only makes quality games who are fun to play, and no they aren't just for kids, i know enough adults who enjoy playing mario, pikmin etc ...
Never argue with fools... They will only drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience...