I have a 20" LCD (Dell 2001fp) that has an S-VIDEO input, but I don't own a TV. I'd like to be able to play playstation through my LCD...so I bought a little thing that connects the playstation to S-VIDEO. Hooked it up, it works fine, but there's no audio. The monitor doesn't have built-in speakers so..duh. I obviously would like to have the audio while I play, so I need a way to figure this out. I haven't been able to find an audio out on the monitor that I can just plug my speakers in to. So is there some way I can hook the speakers up directly to my playstation? They're standard computer speakers with the 1/8" jack or whatever.

I also noticed there's an s-video input on my graphics card...maybe I can hook my playstation up to that and play it through there? I don't know if that'd take a toll on my computer, as opposed to connecting the display directly to the playstation. Anyway, just lookin for some ideas here. Thanks