Uhh... I played it. I still have my players handbook, fighter's handbook, and another class handbook, forget which. I also have some character sheets from some of my old characters. Think the only one that's any good in there is an Ogre fighter who's speciality was wrestling :p

I was also a big fan of M.E.R.P (middle earth role playing), but the one I played hardcore was Battletech. No, not mechwarrior, but the original Battletech (and Citytech and AeroTech). Played House Steiner originally, but once they introduced the Clans I was all about the Jade Falcons.

How's that for Old School? :p

I don't think I've touched any of those in over 10 years though.

Ash: +30 is way to high for D&D. You'd be some kind of demi-god with that thing. +1 to +5 (even that's high) would be about right.


note: for future, it's D&D, not DND: that doesn't even make sense.