a dedicated T1 will be able to handle BF1942 easy at about 40% utilization. Trust me, I've worked out every last detail you could imagine as far as that goes. We have a 50" hdtv TV that will of course be able to view any computer (mirroring) for tourneys and so on.

Right now we have 2 ps2's w/ the i-link and both have ethernet adaperts for online gaming. Haven't had time to look into the multitap thing. Main focus right now is the gaming PC's and the games we'll be having. Don't want to lose site of our main objective.

So as far as updates we went and looked at 8 different retail locations. Everything should be settled about teusday-wednesday of next week. I'm very dissapointed in how long it took to get a place though. I need this place to be opened ASAP.