Yeah, I'm kinda in the same boat. I suck at this game too...badly. I can't figure out wtf I'm supposed to do, and it pisses me off when it's nighttime because I can't see anything. I can't figure out where I am supposed to go to eat, and I want some new clothes damnit. Oh, and how do you get sex appeal? I want to pick up a whore damnit.

I ventured into the wrong neighborhood apparently and got blown the hell up by some gangstas, and I'm not even exactly sure what I did wrong. As far as I can tell the cars all suck in this one too, I haven't found a good fast car yet. I still miss the Elvis dudes from GTA2...I know no one else does, but I thought I'd throw that in there in case anyone cares.

So, I just wanser around killing people, then hiding from the cops til my wanted level drops. I tried taking on the cops, but that wasn't a good idea either. Remember in GTA2 where you got so far and then the SWAT team came, and you could kill them all and steal their truck? Yeah...I get up to like 3 stars and I'm dead. WTF! I want the SWAT truck damnit.

I also bought a house. I was cheap, only $10,000. Only one problem, I can't find it now...and I didn't really see what the purpose was. I went to the closet to try and change clothes, but I couldn't cuz I didn't have any apparently. I can't find where to buy any either. The way he changes clothes is gay too. It takes too damn long for him to "try something on" and when he comes out it's like he's modeling it. WTF is that? Gangsters don't model.

So anyways, yeah I suck too. So, at least you're not alone.
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!