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I'm not sure if I love this game or hate it.

So I beat up some pussy crack dealer, and then go into a crack den where I get my shit wrecked. Big deal, I can try it again. One problem though.

I can't get home.

I come out of the hospital and don't know where the fuck I am. So I go driving around aimlessly for 20 minutes, go into some Fink County or somethin, and suddenly I've got four cops on me. Jump into the water to get away, and there's a helicopter blasting the shit out of me. WTF? I didn't even do anything!

So I come out of the hospital, because I'm way dead. Drive around trying to get home, just so I can go do that mission again. Somehow I find myself back in cops-wreck-your-shit-land.

here is your home and all tags.


If you wander into an area you have not unlocked you get a raised wanted level. This is how they keep you were you should be. This to me however is just another game. See how much of the map you can uncover before the pigs get you.

wana make some big loot quick?

Steal a cop car and hit R-3 or what ever starts a vigalantie mission. Now go into a chicken resturant. Before your time expires get back on the cop vehicle(Motorcycle works best). The criminal element is killed and you get the credit. You get the money. Keep going and on level 24 you are making $23,000 per mission. You may have to go in several times to kill all criminals.

Wait to do the parmedic mission till you get to angel pines. They will all be in the little town.

50 Cab missions and I got hopping cabs, and nitrous(unliited supply) on all cabs I steal.

Fire truck get to level 12 and never catch on fire while on foot

You got to the crack lab. That is better than Count Bishula She is trying to find home for the first time.
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