Mutable Realms announced that it has inked a representation deal with the Themis Group, an international provider of outsourcing and consulting solutions and services to the interactive entertainment industry. Under the terms of the agreement, Themis Group will provide beta test phase services for Mutable Realms' upcoming online role-playing game Wish.

Wish is being billed by Mutable Realms as the first "Ultra Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" (UMMORPG). Unlike existing MMORPGs that confine players to a server with only a few hundred other players, Wish's highly-scalable server cluster infrastructure allows the game to support tens of thousands of simultaneous players in a single shared world, says the game's developers.

A limited closed Beta for the game will commence in December, 2003, expanding to 10,000 users by early next year. The game is planned for release in Q4 2004
beta tester sign up- (12/03) http://www.mutablerealms.com/press-07-08-2003.html
game site- http://www.mutablerealms.com/