This is pretty weak guys. Like really, someone take the friggin initiative here for pete's sake. You got a thread with a whole bunch of people going "Gee, a game server would be really cool" but not one of you is willing to host the damn thing. And by willing I mean getting your hands on the equipment and hosting, or even pooling resources to build a machine that one of you will host. Either get off your respective asses and make this happen or quit talking about it. You all look like a bunch of lazy jackasses.

and before you say "Well why don't you host it Inf?" let me once again say that I am not a gamer and I don't have any desire to participate in this. On top of that, I think CS is a stupid game and I can't stand playing it :p (however if a NWN server was started I might show up once in a while).

So to recap, quit being so damn passive about this and make it happen, or drop it. That's my two cents.