I bought it for PC Saturday. So far, I really like it. Here's my sort of review of what I've played (without giving away anything, though there isn't much for story so far.) so far on Normal difficulty setting.

The aiming is done for you mostly, but you control who you shoot at. There are ways to be more accurate, or just shoot right where you want.

Focus is beautiful, absolutely. If you don't wanna get shot, go into bullet time and dodge them. Do one of the many focus moves, like running on the wall, flipping sideways, diving and spinning etc. I was at a part in the game today, and it was so cool....I run and dive over the edge of this two-story bigass room in Focus, spinning and shooting the whole way down. When you land, you roll forward. Basically, it looked hella cool.

When you play the game, it is more like an interactive cool movie.

Hacking the Matrix: this is sort of fun to mess with. Not nearly what I thought it would be, unless I really am not done with it. I got about halfway, then I couldn't think of anything to do. But the key was all in the movie. When you see reloaded, remember what they tell you. Also, the dialogue was shit in hacking. Pure shit, the Wachowski brothers couldn't have written that. You can still do weapon drops, but it isn't what I was told it would be.

Basically, Enter the Matrix was a let down in some areas, but a let up in others. Boss levels are present, and unlike normal gameplay where your health regenerates, you have a set amount of health. So, if you enter a Boss level without 100% health, and you aren't making it, then redo the last level and make it out with more health.

So far, I haven't felt the level of intertwininess they talked about, how the movie and the game were both very important to the Matrix world.

I fought an Agent a few times, not as boss, but on the street. Twice he killed me (I fell off the building when he kicked me) and once I kicked his ass (he fell off the building when I threw him).

Basically, this review doesn't tell you whether it's a good game or not, because I think it could go either way for most people. I suggest playing it if you can for free, and if not and you love the Matrix you buy it. Or pirate it you jobless wankers. Any thought from other people?