Bah, I have a PS2. It's pretty good as far as choices of games go, but the quality of the games isn't as good as the XBOX. XBOX has a lot, and is going to get a lot more, xbox-only titles. These games are often the most innovative on the market. I got the network adapter for PS2 but haven't set it up yet. BTW, PS2 has FREE online play. FREE means anygame that has online functionality that the publisher/developer doesen't charge for doesen't cost anything to play online(except for ISP charges, of course). Thats an advantage in my book. The ps2 dvd player is pretty worthless if you don't get the remote, which i have

BTW, perg, what are you thinkin? NFL FEVER?!?!??! WTF IS THAT? BUY MADDEN NOW!