I might be the only one, but I hate all the Resident Evil games. I own the movie and really like it.

I kind of get what they are trying to do with the game, the way it plays, just I hate that. I think it is ridiculous that you can crush a zombie's skull in with your boot, but if they ever get close to you, you have to let them bite you before you can push them off. If I was in the game, this is what I would think-

"Apparently this gun is useless, so I will ditch it in favor of this axe, which in real life would allow me to cut your head off or split your skull, or crack your rib cage open, and kill you."

An axe would have unlimited ammo, pretty much a one-hit-kill, and work for other things. I think the puzzles are ridiculous, and I find the game pretty much boring overall.

This is personal preference really, games I like have flaws too and it really just depends on what kind of game you wanna play.