Goldeneye was a great game in it's time. When it came out, it was the game to get for N64. Now, it is not. It can't compete with the graphics and realism of today's games. Halo, for example. Or Agent Under Fire (or, Friendly Fire as I like to call it because of the ridiculous amount of times you will kill yourself) for the PS2.

I would really like to see another street brawler game like Rival Turf or Fighting Force (1, not 2. 2 was a joke. I hated 2.). I like the idea of having a slowly repleneshing health bar instead of health packs. I want a well designed, fun (as in NOT another Gauntlet title), street brawler with fun weapons that don't dissipate after 20 hits (cough cough pipes cough).

Another thing I want is another Time Crisis game. Something that would be is is a duel mode, where player 1 and player 2 can fight each other. It would work like normal gameplay, just both of you can duck. It would probably need other computer players that die easily to keep it from getting boring though. Then, you wouldn't just be fighting the Blue player, but the whole blue team, with your Red team helping you of course.