Some frequently asked questions regarding the GameCube.

Q: Explain the GameCubes online gaming?
A: Nintendo does not like online gaming, and really has never planned on making too much support for it.
However! GameCube users have shown to want more online multiplayer than the users of any other console, thus giving way to WarpPipe.

Q: Whats WarpPipe?
A: WarpPipe is software/servers that allow you to play games online, current WarpPipe compatible games include MarioKart:DD, PSO 1/2, Kirbys Air Ride, and 1080°: Avalanche.

WarpPipe was originally open-source, however due to certain reasons which are unknown, WarpPipe pulled its openSource idea, its older version of its SourceCode is still available through sourceforge, WarpPipe is currently trying to force SourceForge to take it down.

Q: How do I play warezed games on my GameCube?
A: what you need: GameCube Broadband Adapter, a copy of Phantasy Star Online 1 or 2, some ethernet cable and a computer.
There is a glitch in PSO for the gamecube, which involves going to network settings and changing some options, at which point the GameCube will allow you to send data from the BroadBand adapter directly into the GameCubes memery.
So you can download an ISO of a GameCube disk, then use a loader program to mount the image into a sort of virtualdrive for the ethernet port, the loader then fools the GameCube into thinking its diskdrive is the broadband adapter, and reads the warezed game off your computer, at this time the speeds for transferring game data is slower than with a game disk, but you can expect that to be fixed soon enough.

Please ask any other questions you have and I'll be happy to answer them.
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