I saw the previews for this game like 3 yrs ago. It seemed pretty badass, it reminded me of Tribes at that time, yet bigger. Its like any game these days that makes use of the .v12 engine (not a car engine!)...

Ok just lil side note .v12 is what made Torque engine (its for a lot of garage games, its not that much $ for an engine), BF1942, and Tribes 2. They all used the .v12 for a basic engine then later coded things differently.

Back to Planetside... It has all those goodies of tanks, hover crafts, apc like things. It also has a great looking engine (I think they designed it themselves). But what they say is

"Take part in a fully persistent territorial war for the control of continents involving thousands of players on each world"

They always talked about how the planet will be huge and this will be a massive multiplayer game... Question is how? What makes it massive is it like a big world with like 64 players or have like 164 players etc... If gonna do that, a lot of companies host the server (not peer to peer), that often means you pay like $10 a month.

Anyway it looks badass, you do need a machine to run it. At leat 1 Ghz, 256 ram, 32mb vid card (cutting close for me 1.13ghz).

Yes this is long but vacation was boring... Enjoy

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