I've been running xp on this computer with no problems for about 2 years now, but I decided to clean everything out yesterday so I formatted and reinstalled xp, but this time I decided to install xp on my larger hd, an 80gig one compared to a 40gig that it was on before.

anyway, not sure if that matters at all, but ever since this install XP has become very choppy, and when I bring up the task manager sometimes it will shot cpu usages as high as 80% compare to the average of 20%ish before this format.

any ideas for the cause of this? I have alliveated the problem for now by disabling a lot of system tasks that aren't needed and all the eye candy i can and it runs fine now... but it just doesn't make sense that this tiem around it is getting choppy doing this that I did normally before.
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