I dont know what I did but I screwed up something on my xp comp. I load into desktop and I have 5 seconds before it freezes. Ofcourse the mouse and keyboard still works and the windows task manager doesnt show anything suspicous.
Safe mode also freezes in 5 seconds, the interesting thing is that if I terminate explorer.exe and just run programs by selecting "new task (run)" from task manager it still works.

I think it was a virus because it started to crash while I was on the net alerting me that my comp was infected. I didnt have norton up on my computer at the time which Would have helped. I have scanned using adaware and spybot and they didnt fix the problem. A new program is on my computer called spy axe (which somehow installed itself on my computer).

If I put in the xp cd will I have the option to repair windows or something? I guess this is more of a rant then a request but any ideas will be apreciated. Im just glad that this didnt happen during university.

On a random side note: Im goin to see greenday on wed with 49999 other people. Of which I know 2.