Heres my delema. Im currently running windows 2k pro. I have a copy of ACT which is a contact management program that is a full working copy. However its only for win 98 or 95.

I have a second hd (8gigs)formatted for win98. Heres my problem.

A. I have to install this program on my 2nd HD.
B. My second HD is not NTFS but I cant boot to it either.

I need to find a way to load this program on my second drive.
Is there an easier way then taking my current drive and disconnecting in, making my secondary drive my master, loading windows 98 as my OS, installing my program, then disconnecting the drive, set up my original drive to be master again and my secondary would then have windows 98 and my program I need?

That is the only way I can think of doing it and it seems like one big friggin pain in the ass. If anyone knows of a shortcut on how to help lemme know. thanks.

Ps, I cant modify the path of the installation for this program. This program immediately recognizes Im running NTFS and aborts.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. If im a little unclear or you need information to help me please let me know.
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