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Ok in summary this is what i am saying.. If there is more intelligent life out there then they wont want to know us, like we care about worms or something like that or on the other hand If there is life out there that is less intelligent then whats the point of finding it, what use does it have? All i am saying is that there is low proballity that there is life out there thats like us. So whats the point?
Where is this even coming from? How do you know they wouldn't want to know about us at all? Perhaps you don't care about worms, but they're used a lot in research. There are plenty of people who find the study of worms and other such life to be both fascinating and useful. You don't suppose that another form of intelligent life might have similar members, do you?

What are you basing your comment that there is a low probability of life like ours? The more research that is done, the more we find out that chimpanzees and dolphins are closer to us in intelligence than we ever thought. That's three different species of similar intelligence on the same planet. Perhaps it's not so low a probability as you think.

As for the point of it all, well perhaps to you there is none. Just like there's no point to climbing Mt. Everest, landing on the moon, or travelling to the Galapagos Islands. I'm not sure there was a rational reason for any of those adventures, but as humans, we have an intense curiosity and sense of adventure.