heh humm, question, probably my first real one on the board. since their phasing out to GUI on xp+, and console is becoming almost non-existent. You can't shutdown into dos, you have like a almost UNIX like shell, but...it doesn't give you access to do nice things unless under admin, which is dangerous to be under all the time when online...anyway in linux you can su to root, and then exit out. So as to keep yourself safe.

Either way I'm wondering why the shutdown command is a topic here? Like why it's cool, when it may just be gone in 2-6 years do to the GUI, and 3d passover that MAY be happening. But..it does look to be. Either way no huffing, and puffing on anything please. Just a question on the truth of why you'd want to go so far to augment a system when the providers of this operating system are phasing out what you like? I'm not advocating or hating on anything. Just pointing out some of my own questions in my head.

To first see if this is felt, and second to see why, one wants to do this?



p.s. - pls to no flames kthx, the whole advocacy issue is a bitch, and I love all ppl/companies that code at all(deep down in my heart that is). Even if I do show, or play sides once in a rare while.
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